The Prophet of Progress

I’m a prophet of progress and a product of the process. I’ve long been enthralled by the concept of growth and development in the shadows. Shutting out the external and isolating myself from the outside world, closing ranks as I close the door, retreating to the dark recesses to craft my magnum opus. This is the approach I take when entering my many endeavors. I imagine Edgar Allen Poe feverishly scribing a tale of troubled madness by candlelight in the wee hours of a cold Baltimore night. I think of Jay-Z memorizing Reasonable Doubt bar by bar on anxious white knuckled drives from Brooklyn to Virginia. I consider Dorian Yates, leaving the public eye to take refuge in Birmingham, England. Training in his musty dungeon, Temple Gym, bent on changing the perception of what the experts said the human body was capable of. Making something out of nothing, making more out of less, creating feast from famine. In the shadows, in silence, under the radar. Toiling, struggling, conceiving and executing. Burning the midnight oil… Destined to emerge from obscurity to change the game forever. Go to the lab, go to your secret lair, and perfect your shrouded masterpiece. Pour your heart and soul, your joy and sorrow into something greater than you, something bigger than your peers could ever conceive and when the moment is right, when the iron is hot, unleash it on the unsuspecting planet.

Written by G.D.