The New Standard

The past is irrelevant. Your dead-end town, the job you hate, your friends that can’t relate, the opinions of a family that doesn’t understand… All equally meaningless. Fuck the short change, the dirty deeds and the tough breaks. Forget the lapses in judgment, the flaws in character and the decisions you wish you could get back. The new standard begins today. Born of the bubbling cauldron of dreams and ambitions blended with your concept of an ideal life, mixed with the manner in wish you always wished you’d presented yourself, this teeming amalgamation must be allowed to boil over, to spill into the nooks and the crevices of your existence, drowning out the failures of yesteryear. So much of who we are is predicated on how others react to us. So much of our perception of self grows forth from the reactions of others. This new standard demands that you present yourself in a fashion befitting your stature and in turn people will treat you accordingly. Hold yourself to the dictates and demands of this lofty archetype that you yourself have established. Be damned what the world expects of you, it should pale in comparison to what you expect from yourself. For when you demand only excellence, even your low points will exceed the best days of your peers. Look in the mirror and be proud of the person you’ve become and hold your head high enthused over the person you’re becoming. The future begins now. This is the new standard.

Written by G.D.