Love Thy Self

Above all else, love thy self. Arrogant. Cocky. Conceited. Whatever. Call me what you like. Truth is I’m as humble as they come and I know my place in the world and how much work there is left to be done. I don’t count my chickens, rest on my laurels or pat myself on the back. I know how long a road lays before me and I’ve committed my life to leaving every last thread of tread on the asphalt. I full well understand my potential and feel the vertebrae snapping weight of expectation and aspiration. There is no doubt, however, that without confidence, I would be nothing. In a world of disappointment and bitter misery, he that does not love himself will perish and be subject to an existence marked by subjugation and humiliation, as life knocks you on your ass and steps on your throat. Believe in yourself; know who you are, for so often you will find yourself your lone ally, your solitary corner man. When the fake friends fade, loved ones pass and the bunnies return to the mansion, will you still be who you are or is your identity defined by those that surround you? Invest in yourself, spend time with your thoughts and bask in the metaphysical vapors of your soul. Love the person you are and lust for that which you are becoming. Embrace your ego; love thyself, because when the shit goes down, you may very well be the only one you can depend on.

Written by G.D.