Expect Nothing, Take Everything

This is for the hustlers, the ball busters, the brothers on their grind. This is for everyone out there who dreamt of something bigger than their surroundings and were willing to pay the price to get it. This is for the underdogs, the have-nots, the disenfranchised… For those who never got their fair shot but went for theirs regardless. This is for those born into disadvantage without a silver spoon or trust fund, taking risks, living on the edge with no safety net below. This is not a world of entitlement, ours is not a life of bequest, but that does not mean we are without a birthright. What we have inherited is far more valuable than wealth and treasure-we have inherited a responsibility. It is our responsibility to spit in the face of convention and conformity, to surpass the little that was expected of us and to shock the world. To rise from obscurity to change the accepted order. The new aristocracy will be born of the muck in the gutter. Like civilizations of antiquity, it again will be the hungriest and strongest among us who rule the rest. Yoking up those lounging in the lap of luxury, pulling them from their warm beds to pay reparations for the many trespasses of the past. Fuck a hand out… Fuck charity. Expect nothing… Take everything.



Written by G.D.