Grow Or Die

Shit happens for a reason. But don’t plan on figuring it all out… Don’t waste another precious moment of these numbered days you’ve been blessed with. Fuck asking “why me?” or “what if?” In the spinning chaos that is our life do not seek rhyme or reason-that search will be in vain. Existence on this planet can be a cold bitch some days, sticking that dull blade in slow and twisting it. Those hard times are inevitable but they are integral in making us who we are. To become a great warrior’s sabre, the mighty sword must withstand a grueling forging. Like a raw metal alloy heated until red and parched over hot coals, then dipped into a cold water bath, our bodies, our minds, our very souls must endure these stressful extremes in order to become stronger… To become more than what they once were. From meager and common to mighty and priceless. Do not shy away from the great challenges… Be not too modest to love deeply and lose, be not too timid to fight gallantly and hit the canvas, getting caught blind winding up for your knockout blow. Make no mistakes, this is the life you chose and just like in the gym, pain is the critical component in fostering new growth. In every facet of life, if you aren’t growing (physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually) you are dying. Grow or die… The choice is yours.


written by G.D.