You Don’t Know Hard

Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.” I say, “I make my own place to stand. Refuse me that place and I will take it by force.”

If you want to make it to heaven you gotta walk through hell. While I share this sentiment, I feel as though the ones who are in this for the long haul make hell their home, not a walk through but a permanent residence. They embody all that is pain and suffering. For if these things become known to you they come as no surprise. It all ends up being just part of a day’s work. Those who went before us did it. Their journey is one of legend and lore to be emulated. Their shoes tattered and torn from writing their own history, trudging that same lonely road I’ve been walking, the one you embark on now. Walk a mile in ’em? You couldn’t even lace ’em up! Be your own motivation. Carve your own place.

What have you sacrificed, had to give up, lost along the way? How much fight is in you? Would you die for what you love? So many people would sit idly by and watch something they love get taken from them. Fight for a little maybe but in the end they fall back, listlessly watching as the fight fades from their eyes. As long as there is blood coursing through your veins, there should be passion in your heart and rage behind your eyes. Around here we claim our kill.

Stop talkin’ about it. Stop bitching and complaining. I don’t wanna hear you got up at 4 am for cardio, get over it. I don’t really give a shit if it’s too much food or not enough, deal with it. It’s too hard? You’re just scared! Anyone who shows you sympathy to any of these comments isn’t doin’ you any favors and is only doing so because they haven’t pushed themselves beyond what is rational and sane, to the point of excruciating pain and complete failure. Everyone has read about it, it’s this fantasy world they live in where they train their fuckin’ asses off, harder than anyone else, kill themselves in the gym, right? Wrong. I’ve been there, on the other side of madness. It’s not pretty or glamorous. You think these weights are gonna show you mercy? Sympathy?! There they are, day in and day out, lying in wait. To fuck your day up, to beat you down until you beg for it to stop, on your knees with a gun in your mouth, helpless. You want some? Go get some and get it done. With your mouth shut. Anyone that will show you that sympathy is no friend of yours.

It is a long and arduous task, building something that will stand the test of time, last through the ages. You mean they didn’t tell you all those years ago when you picked up that first weight that this is how it was going to be? Ha well, this is what you’ve taken on. No one can take this journey with you, there are no passengers on this trip and very few that are worth a shit along the way. In life, you need people who are gonna make you dig and claw with your bare hands, fight tooth and nail for the first few feet and then after those first few feet give you a shovel. They will make you work for it, make you earn it. They will chew you up and let you know exactly how much you fucked up. But only to help rebuild you; mortar and brick wrapped in steel, stronger than you once were. Cuz when it comes down to it, they are the ones who have your back, who have your best interests at heart.

Introduce some chaos into your life, take some chances and watch it flourish. I subscribe wholeheartedly to the concept that out of chaos comes order. Chances make champions. This life is not for the timid. Fear is a great motivator but not when it fills you with trepidation. Welcome adversity; your character is measured by how you react when faced with it, not just one thing but many things all at once, insurmountable things. Attack today full force. Dive in head first. Sometimes you end up in the bottom of an empty pool. But at least you dove! No one said it would be easy, not many noble pursuits are. The hard way tends to be the better way. Maybe this isn’t the path you’ve chosen but it’s the one that chose you.

All we have in this life is the legacy we leave behind. You can’t take anything with you when you’re dead. Regret can bury any man regardless of his strength. At the end of days, you find yourself standing at judgment with your life’s work in ruins at your feet. Don’t be left with empty hands. Realize your potential now and not ten years from now. Plans are great but it’s the follow through that counts. We only get one time around; no regrets, only valiant effort.


written by G.D.