They say that the best revenge is to live well. And in my more grounded moments, I absolutely agree. There really is nothing more important than health, happiness and fulfillment. But I’ve gotta admit, there’s always been another form of vengeance that seemed just as sweet, even if less gracious or ultimately less consequential. As a response to the doubters and critics, the oppressors and naysayers, I’ve long favored a massive plate of soul-crushing, breathtaking achievement served ice fucking cold. For the underdogs among us, who’ve spent the bulk of their days fighting tooth and nail for their piece of the pie, the thought of such a resounding reprisal has long served as fuel for the fire. A concise, clear, profound declaration of all that you always knew to be true, stated clearly and loudly enough for all to hear. When I listen to people claim that they’ve got nothing to prove, I simply can’t relate. On my journey I’ve encountered all types—supporters who have sincerely wished me well and lent a hand when I needed it most, even sometimes just in the form of an encouraging word… And adversaries, often posing as allies, who’ve cursed the ground I walk on and served only to impede my progress. And to them both, I will always have something to prove, as they’ve both played integral roles in the stage play of my life. To those who’ve had my back, I am indebted to repay in devotion, in love, in loyalty to the end. And to my foes, I owe them gratitude—for the consistent reminder of what I never want to be… For the tangible resistance I needed to fight against, forcing me to go that extra mile to reach my dreams. Your contempt helped make me who I am. And the precious gift I long to deliver to you soon, in the form of accomplishment you never saw coming, will, alas, be something you deserve—the get back.

written by G.D.