Progress. That is what goal setting is all about. Survive and advance. Achieve and push forward, on to the next challenge. When you reach a particular short-term goal, you can’t rest on your laurels. Shit… You can rest when you rest in peace. Save the back patting for the sweaters and dick riders. Think several steps ahead, focus on the task at hand, execute and move on. Never be satisfied, never settle. It is so easy to decide to define your life by a certain moment, leaving everything to follow to be postscript-a fuckin’ afterthought. This retards your development, freezing you in a seminal stage of growth, leaving you stagnant as life passes you by. And in the blink of an eye, twenty years have been wasted. We must constantly evolve. Forever striving and failing and learning… Recovering, adjusting and achieving; and then starting the whole cycle anew. Make that transition, move seamlessly from conquered challenge to new redoubtable objective. Brush off admiration and accolades with the same swiftness that you discard cynicism and the ass-scented opinions of critics. Remember, you are the author of this tale. You are also the hero in this story. You have only reached the summit when you decide you don’t want to climb any higher, you only arrive at the conclusion when you don’t want to write another word.

P r o g r e s s.

written by G.D.