Our Path

On the path of our days, we each endure our share of hardship. Some disproportionately more than others know lives that are solitary, poor, brutish and short. My ability to examine the human condition, empathizing with my fellow travelers on this spinning rock teaches me that I am truly blessed, even on my worst day. But that’s not to say that I haven’t been through it. I have experienced great loss, seen my dreams dashed, felt hopelessness, known fear, observed suffering I was unable to cure. All turning points I could have rationalized as sound reasons to let my life careen off course, losses that could have run me into the ground. But it’s funny, how in these the darkest of my moments, I felt a great life force run through me. In despair, I gained strength and an understanding of purpose. I was invigorated by an understanding that I was bigger than this pain. And call it ego or arrogance, but I knew that I was born to come through all of it and reach a destiny uncommon. People often lose sight of what triumph there is to be found in the act of survival, in merely living to fight another day, in the human capacity to be Resilient while under Siege. How we grow stronger through pain and loss, regenerating ourselves where we were once wounded—not unlike a broken bone or scarred skin. Being fortified where we were once weak. Bulletproof where once we were vulnerable. My maturing perspective teaches me to be so grateful for the many wonderful gifts present in each new day, to know how some poor soul always has it so much worse. It is a reminder to not take the small blessings of life for granted, even as we’re preoccupied never settling for less than the best. But life has also taught me that there are many timeless lessons to learn from mistakes, precious victories to be found in profound losses and a clarity of vision of our inner greatness that can only be attained in the blinding agony of growing pain.

written by G.D.