Don’t Trust Anybody



Don’t trust anybody, G.” This sage advice came just recently from the most unexpected source. An old friend whose general demeanor and disposition always appeared so friendly and laid back, that such a pointed world view really caught me off guard. Much like when a quiet person raises their voice, or when a more meek and conservative type opts for profanity in their expression; I took notice when this counsel came my way and have meditated on these simple words, heeding their deeper meaning ever since. Though I’ve seen enough treachery and experienced enough real shit in my day to know better, optimism, always my most powerful weapon, has also long been a potential hamartia. I seek to find the good in humanity, I champion opportunities for redemption, I want to trust in the inherent trustworthiness of my brothers and sisters. But I know deep down, that such idealism is fraught with peril. We have little choice but to watch our backs, keeping our head on the swivel, quietly observing our peers as they play their hands. I’ve learned to be less “generous” with my gifts, more reserved in my actions, more choice with my words, all the while balancing this jaded skepticism with the same youthful, romantic hope that makes life worth living. The lesson imparted is a simple one. Fight for your brethren, help your friend in need, give with all you have to spare, but as you put yourself out there, stay on point and mind the motherfuckin’ motto …. Don’t trust anybody.

written by G.D.