What is it that you owe? Neck deep in bills… Lint in the pocket, checks in the mail. Turning that bottom line from red to black-it is what we each endeavor to do on the daily. But fuck a bank or lender, the landlord and utilities. We owe so many others so much, in a currency far more valuable than federal notes… For a sum much greater than the weight of the gold in Ft. Knox. We owe our parents, for the fact that we are here in the first place. For wiping our asses, wiping our tears, providing the raw material-the crude matter from which we evolved. We owe our underpaid teachers and the forgotten pillars of the community, like the brothers in Iraq spilling blood and taking back their lb of flesh. We owe those that followed the wrong path or that never had a chance in the first place-locked in the pen or confined to a hospital bed, who’d give a lifetime of tomorrows just to breathe free today. We owe all who paved the way and the generation to come… We must do their hard work justice and provide the example for our children to pattern. We owe those that died too young, that left too early… It is for them we must carry on and endure even when things are most bleak for we know well that the worst day standing on the ground is better than the best day lying underneath it. Above all else, we owe the snot-nosed eight year old version of ourselves… The little guy that never imagined anything but a future full of promise and endless possibilities. Potential met and goals achieved. The one who saw only greatness and victory over the horizon and couldn’t conceive of anything less. To him we owe our utmost effort, our grit and determination, our unwillingness to ever surrender. With the last beat of my heart, the last breath of my lungs, with every positive thought my mind can muster and every forward action my body can will, I solemnly vow to pay what I owe.


written by G.D.